MAX 11 M

This lot is suitable for mobile homes and caravans.  The lot is equipped with electricity which is charged according to the amount used. All outlets are 16A.

Every lot also includes water, plumping and TV, this is included in the price. Free Wi-Fi is available all over the facility. 

The lots are 13 x 10 meters. Maximum 11 meters for mobile homes. Maximum of 11 meters for caravans, including tow.

The facilities also offer two newly built servicehouses with all amenities needed, such as toilets, showers, family rooms, childrens rooms, dog shower, dining room, sauna and much more. The service rooms are also equipped with a laundry room where washing machines, dryers and ironing boards are available.

Caravans on this lot are to be placed with the tow outwards, towards the road.

All lots are suitable for heavy vehicles, with no risk of getting stuck.

This lot is not suitable for tents.