At Mötesplatsen Borstahusen, the facilities are open all year long with generous opening hours. Our restaurant, SPA and reception are all open year round.

Since we’ve opened, we’ve had the same amount of seasonal guests in the winter as we’ve had in the summer. Our facilities are just as alive and energetic in the colder seasons as they are the warmer. Except for camping, all of our 63 cabins are also used diligently during the winter.

Would you also like to be a seasonal guest at Mötesplats Borstahusen?

The coming seasons we’ll be offering:

Premium Season: 1th of April- 30th of September

Contact us for more information. Products and services from the best in the area are included in the packaged deal.

Basecamp Borstahusen: The very best for the adventurous camper. Stay all year long (except for week 25-32). Have us in Borstahusen as the base for your adventures and enjoy the rest of Sweden during your summer vacation.

Winter Season: From the 1st of October until the 21st of March.

Pre-Season: From the 1st of April until the 20th of June. (With the exception of an early midsummer)

Post-Season: From the 15th of August until the 30th of September.

The lot is paid in advance by invoice. Electricity and showers are charged by usage.

Being a seasonal guest at Mötesplats Borstahusen is supposed to be a mutual satisfaction, therefore we are very mindful about meeting our guests and showing you the facilities in person before signing the contract.

Course Of Action for Applying to a Seasonal Lot / Monthly Discount

-An in person meeting with us, where we show you the facilities and together we’ll select a suitable lot.

-We kindly ask you to contact us before you wish to visit. This way we’ll be sure to have enough time to give you a personal presentation.

-Sign our contract, where our seasonal and our code of conduct is visible.

Requirements For Signing a Seasonal Contract

-Credit reports for all our seasonal guests, no payment defaults are allowed.

-Requirement for own, fixed residential address.

-Violation of the requirements mentioned above will lead to immediate termination of contract.  Daily price range will be charged.

Outside of seasonal lots, we also offer monthly lots, weekly lots and a bunch of great and favorable offers.

Want to know more?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.