The landscape surrounding Borstahusen is the perfect hiking setting, for the experienced hiker and the ones just getting started. The Skåne Trail (Skåneleden) follows the sea side and combines scenic views, culinary experiences and spots of historic importance.

Landskrona and Borstahusen offer great hiking trails, well worth the adventure. The trail goes through flourishing woods, past rippling streams and lush pastures. Go up Hilleshögs wuthering heights and be rewarded with breathtaking views at the top. Enjoy the southern nature all year long. When staying with us, enjoy nature, the breeze of the seaside as well as Borstahusen and Landskrona, the lively and age-old city center.

Our recommendation!


The tall and sandy terrain of Sandbergen is a must see in Borstahusen. The scenery is one of a kind. As an example, ih the beige slopes of Sandbergen, the Bank Swallows build their nests. You’ll also see the rare Knapweed Broomrape growing, a plant which lacks chlorophyll (the green pigment in plants). At the beach below Sandbergen is also unique, you’ll see heaps of bricks, dumped at the beach during the brick era which bloomed during the latest turn of century, when many brickyards were built between Landskrona and Helsingborg.

In the forest surrounding Sandbergen, the sconces from the line of defense Karl XII:s are still visible and during spring decorated by hundreds of cowslip flowers. The trail, Skåneleden, passes through this beautiful stretch of coast and offers stunning views of Öresund and the island of Ven. Simply follow the trail, Skåneleden outside of the facilities and by Hilleshög, follow the brown markings. A hiking experience you’ll never forget!

After a long day of hiking, we’re ready to take care of you. Rest or why not enjoy a dinner at our restaurant, Kvarteret Erikstorp.