Discover Borstahusen’s beauty from the sea. Borstahusen and their surroundings show their best side from the sea. There is a lot to discover here. Pack your lunch bag and head out along the coast. Don’t miss paddling up to the Sandbergen and look at the steep sand cliffs where the barn swallow nests. There are also plenty of quiet spots to pull up to enjoy your lunch.

There are also exciting places to discover south towards Landskrona. Paddle along the coastal strip past Strandvägen and look in at the grand houses that are the only ones close to the water. Further past Lindeshamn you will find the Citadel, our proud fortress. Once there, you can get off at Lagunen. A real highlight in summer, where you can find both food and refreshing drinks in a lovely environment.

Don’t have your own kayak with you? Rent a simple and easy one around the clock at Kajakomaten by the beach.