Welcome to the best sea fishing waters in Sweden!

Departing from Landskrona Harbour, the deepsea spots around the island of Ven are just 15 minutes away.

The sea is filled with a range of species and depending on the season the daily catches vary from cod, herring and mackerel to a variety of different flounders. With a knowledgeable and experienced crew, we offer you the best possible conditions for a great day at sea!

The boats M/S Linda, M/S Emma and M/S Emelie are spacious with open spaces on deck, making them some of the fishermen’s favourites. Located below deck are roomy and charming lounges, serving coffee, soft drinks, hot-dogs and candy. All fishing equipment needed for a successful trip are also available to buy or rent.

Our passengers safety is our utmost priority and with complete passenger insurances and safety educated staff and crew, we insure your safety aboard.

For bigger parties, companies, schools etc, we can tailor trips for your ideas and needs.

For more information, visit:

www.landskronabaten.se or call +46 760 39 10 40

On the website you are also able to book your trip online.

With us, everyone can go fishing!