Ven, the small island in the Öresund sea offers unique natural landscapes, idyllic harbors and is also the homestead of astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Catch the boat that departs from Landskrona and find yourself immersed in scenic views of yellow fields, discover local farmers’ stalls, grab a coffee in the picturesque garden cafés, go swimming or why not visit Ven’s own whiskey distillery. Don’t forget to buy locally produced pasta and goat cheese on your way back.

Ven is located in Öresund, between Denmark and Sweden. The ferry to the island departs from Landskrona and the crossing only takes 30 minutes. Once you’ve arrived in Ven’s harbor, Bäckviken, we highly recommend renting one of the many yellow bikes, iconic for the island. Don’t feel like biking? No worries, there are many other ways to get around! Buses, tractor trailers, horse carriages or golf carts. You can also rent electric bikes, to ease the way up the many hills of Ven. Hiking is of course also an option. An animal lover? Why not try an alpaca hike?

Cozy farm shops, extraordinary culinary experiences, lovely swimming waters, scenic views, golfing, ancient remains and many other adventures await you on Ven!

The Tycho Brahe Museum

On Ven you’ll find a museum telling the story of one of Scandinavia’s most important figures in the sciences, Tycho Brahe. Studying within the fields of astronomy, the Scanian/Danish nobleman in the late 14th century, built an advanced research center on the island, including a castle and observatory. Today, visitors can enjoy the museum, an underground observatory, a renaissance garden and a playground filled with history!

Ven Distillery, The Spirit of Hven, Backafallsbyn

On Ven, you’ll find one of the worlds smallest, family-owned Pot Still Distilleries, The Spirit of Hven. Here the entire process of liquor making, from mashing to fermentation, distilling as well as oak barrel aging and bottling happens under the same roof, here on Ven!

The distillery offers both guided tours and whiskey tastings. The distillery is located in one of the country’s best regions for resource production, therefore it is our utmost priority to use locally produced ingredients. The fruitful terrains of the area allow us to do this, without compromising the quality of the liquor. We also pride ourselves on our kitchen and during your visit, our chefs will do their absolute best to cater for all your specific needs and wants. We wish you a pleasant and eventful visit at The Spirit of Hven at Backafallsbyn.

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