Modern facilities right by the beach.

Welcome to a calm and cozy campsite in the shore forest of Öresund. Arrive to modern facilities where each lot is equipped with electricity, water, TV, plumping and wireless internet. The lots are also equipped with base course and are adjusted for heavy vehicles, that way, the caravan or motorhome can be placed whichever way you’d like, without the risk of getting stuck.

At our new resort, there is something for everyone. Hike along the Skåne trail (Skåneleden) and see beautiful sights, discover all that nature has to offer, visit our SPA or just relax in the sun. Exciting adventures are just around the corner. With Copenhagen and Helsingør less than an hour away and the island of Ven a few kilometers from us.

We highly recommend visiting our restaurant, Kvarteret Erikstorp, serving great local food, made from scratch, embracing the farm-to-table approach. We might even say it’s the best camp restaurant in Sweden. Give it a try!

If you’d rather relax during your stay with us, you will surely enjoy the beach just a few steps away from the facilities. The shallow waters also suit families with children perfectly.

Welcome to Borstahusen!

We also offer seasonal lots, during both summer and winter. For more information, click here.